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The US debt ceiling: basic facts

May, 26 2023

The traditional political battle between the Democratic Party led by President Joe Biden and the Republicans controlling the House of Representatives of the US Congress continues in the United States. The former call for raising the public debt ceiling, while the latter demand large-scale budget cuts.According to the Constitution of the United States, Congress has the right to control the state budget. Borrowing allows the US federal government to finance various programs that lawmakers approved... Read More

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Bloomberg: the weakness of China's economy is reflected all over the world

May, 26 2023

Bloomberg analysts said that China's weak economic recovery and Beijing's unwillingness to apply... Read More

Gold fell to a 2-month low due to the unresolved US debt ceiling

May, 26 2023

On Friday, gold prices fell to a 2-month low amid concerns about raising the US debt ceiling and... Read More

NVIDIA may surpass Apple in market value growth in a day

May, 25 2023

NVIDIA has released a report with financial results in the first quarter that exceeded analysts'... Read More